How to Bottle Feed a Kitten

small kitten eating milk from the bottleBottle feeding is necessary to enhance nutrition, especially if the kitten is in poor health or if the mother is no longer present. You can ask several veterinarians to help you develop a sound bottle feeding plan. Usually, bottle feeds are presented with cats or kittens that have gone through nutritional trauma.
So here are the ideas on how to bottle feed a kitten. Let us start with the nipple’s opening. The nipple’s opening shouldn’t be too large or wide. Make sure that all your feeding supplies are ready. If you can sterilize your kitten’s feeding bottles, do so. You can also let it cool down before you use it. There are several dietary milk brands that you can use depending on what type of nutrition your kitten needs. You should consult your vet on this.

Your vet or pet store may have a guide for kitten care that may include bottle feeding.

Moving on, you can fill the bottle with the appropriate amount of milk formula. You can make it a little warmer by placing it in a bowl with hot water as well. This method will avoid upsetting the kitten’s stomach. Some instructions on how to bottle feed a kitten can be a little exaggerated, but all you have to do is to be more careful and set it right depending on your pet’s needs.

In feeding, you may want to sit with a towel in your lap. Place the kitten on your lap, facing you. Try to rub or caress its back so that it won’t get upset while feeding. You don’t need to tilt or raise the kitten’s head, just place the bottle’s nipple inside its mouth. Make sure you are focused and do not allow the kitten to become overfed.

It is advisable to start with a few small feedings. The time of each feeding must be noted. You should set schedules and keep in mind that newborn kittens require rest and milk feeding constantly. They are similar to human babies in that kittens may need “burping” after each feeding. You need to place your hand under its abdomen, while you pat its back. Also, you should carry a damp and warm washcloth in case of urination and/or defecation.

After bottle feeding or nursing, most kittens will want to sleep. You should put the kitten back to bed and keep the area quiet and undisturbed. The “job” of helping a kitten grow into a healthy cat is intensely rewarding. As you weigh the kitten, hopefully, on a daily basis, and watch him/her grow, you will take much pride in the fact that all your hard work is paying off.

Newborn kitten care is fun and exciting, but you have to pay much attention to all the details so that it won’t cause you (or the kitten) any problems.

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