Facts About Kittens

Some interesting facts about kittens you may not know.
The word ‘kitten’ comes from old french chitoun, cheton and is derived from the Middle English.
For the first few weeks of their lives they are unable to regulate their own body temperature, so kittens born in colder climates can die if not kept warm by their mother. It is important to use warm blankets or towels if the mother is unable to care for them.

kitten eating milkNutritional Needs

The mother’s milk is an essential part of a kitten’s proper growth and nutritional needs, the mother’s milk will provide the necessary antibodies which will help protect the kittens from infectious diseases.If you are dealing with an abandon kitten or one where the mother is unable to feed the kitten, you will need to get kitten bottles and nurse the kittens with special formula.
Opening Their Eyes
A kitten will open their eyes at around 7 days old, but are still unable to see very well until about 10 weeks after birth.


Kittens will develop very quickly from about 2 weeks old until their 7th week. At around 3 to 4 weeks is when a kitten will begin to wean off their mother and begin to eat solid food. They start to play-fight with their siblings and will even wonder off from their little area.
Social Behavior

Kittens are very high social animals and will seek out other animals tointeract with and play with. This might be one reason that kittens are very friendly towards their owners and others.  They love attention and playing with objects and others. At about 5 months old kittens will begin to seek out dark places to hide, which can cause harm to them if not watched carefully

Leaving Their Mom
Although it seems common for domestic kittens to be given to new homes at 8 weeks, it is being suggested that the kitten remaining with its mother and siblings from 6 to 12 weeks is important for proper social and behavioral development.


Buying/Receiving Kittens
Most breeders will not sell a kitten that is younger than 12 weeks of age. In some areas it is illegal to sell or give away kittens under 12 weeks old.  Do be cautious if someone is trying to give away or sell you a kitten that is under 12 weeks old. Some say that kittens this young are not fully developed and this can cause some behavior and physical problems down the road.
Enjoying your kitten is the most important part of having a kitten.  As time goes by you will become familiar with your kittens’ personality and characteristics and be able to know right a way what he/she likes and doesn’t.


The most important thing, is to love, care, and know your new kitten!

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