How Litter Train Your Kitten

Best tips to litter train your kitten.

As some believe, a mother cat will show her kitten how to use a litter box, this isn’t true. Kittens and cats have a natural instinct to dig for various reasons. It is a natural instinct for a kitten to begin to dig in and use dirt at about 4 weeks of age.

It is important to show your kitten where the box is when you bring him/her home that first day. Put your kitten in the box for a few minutes and let him/her get use to the feel of the litter and the scents. It is NOT necessary to show your kitten how to dig, in fact, this action can cause your kitten to become afraid of the box and won’t use it.



It is best to buy a larger litter box at first, as your kitten grows, he/she will need it, and they do grow up fast. If you feel that your kitten will be unable to get into the box, you can find boxes that have one side lower, or you can attach a piece of wood to one side with duct tape to make a ramp.

Be sure to not hide the box in areas that your kitten will have difficulty finding when he/she grows up. Keep the litter box in low traffic areas, like laundry rooms and second bathrooms.

Place your kitten in the box when he/she wakes up, after eating a meal, and when you feel your kitten may need to go. Make sure to praise your kitten when he/she uses the box, but do not ever punish your kitten while he/she is in the box, this may make them associate punishment with using the litter box.


It is recommended to not use scented litter or clumping type litter with your kitten, they will eat it and this is very dangerous and can kill them. Make sure that the litter is dust free, as the dust can get into the kitten’s lungs and cause health issues.

Make sure to remove any waste on a daily basis, you should leave one piece of feces in the litter to help your kitten remember what the box is for.When washing the box out do not use strong bleaches or harsh chemicals, these can not only cause health problems, they can also be unpleasant to your kitten and he/she will no longer use the box.

It is also recommended to remove any potted plants around the house, as kittens will instinctively use natural dirt to do their business in.

Make sure to set up a good feeding schedule for your kitten this will help you know when he/she will need to use the box.

Most importantly be sure you or someone in your house is ready for the responsibility for a new kitten, this can take up to 4 weeks to completely train your new kitten.




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